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How Roanuz Softwares, a Tech startup founded by Mr. Anto Binish from Thoothoor helping IPL ! Back
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Added @ 15-05-2019@00.02.47(IST)
[Archive: 2019] Indian tech startup, Roanuz Softwares has acquired a significant share in the sports tech sector in the country with 75 percent of the top Cricket Fantasy Apps are built with its API. For the recent IPL (Indian Premier League) season, Roanuz partnered with various brands and offered their product to run IPL campaigns, key ones being Zomato, RCB, and Book My Show.

Roanuz Softwares is founded by Mr. Anto Binish Kaspar from Thoothoor in the year 2012. It is also notable that, the reputed business journal Siliconindia StartupCity in their Feb 2017 edition has selected the 'Roanuz' among the 10 best #startups in Artificial Intelligence.

Congrats Anto Binish for this significant positioning!. Read more at the below links.

URL-1: .....
URL-2: .....
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Sr.Hamlet, thoothoor[04-06-2019@15.08.31(IST)]
congratulation brother.keep doing the best.god bless you


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