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Nethaji Library in Thoothoor is attacked by unidentified people. Back
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Added @ 20-7-2011:8.35.57(IST)
[Archive: 2011] Nethaji library (NLT), a public property of Thoothoor, is attacked by unidentified people in the early hours of 20th July believably after 1am. All the glasses in the building and plants in front of the building were destroyed in this attack. URL-1 below contains the images of these damages. The whole Thoothoor people were in front of the Library in the morning hours of 20th July after knowing this news and they expressed their highest anger against this third class activity.

As of now there is no clear clue on cause of this attack. But the 2 major recent developments/incidents in which NLT members have some relationship are (1) Very recent efforts for pressurising bishop's house to conduct audit of church construction account by collecting mass signature from the public which was ongoing for the last 2-3 days, and (2) The recent TFL tournament related issues.

Nethaji Library is a public property of Thoothoor and this attack is highly condemnable. People in Thoothoor are now discussing on further proceedings on this incident.

URL-1: .....
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Bismi Edward, B'lore[25-7-2011:21.48.40(IST)]
I'm really vry sorry about this incident. vry shocking news. please do take vry serious action for this n tell the issuers to get out from Thoothoor.It's really horrible n unfair.

unknown, thoothoor[25-7-2011:13.8.17(IST)]
we can't judge a person by seeing his physical appearance but we can judge a person by his different reactions ''who knows nobody knows''

S. IGNASIOUS, THOOTHOOR[25-7-2011:11.34.25(IST)]

citizen, thoothoor[24-7-2011:14.20.25(IST)]
We are hered our local retired miltary man making riots with culprits,so in more future don't avoid him important days.

bang bang, bang bang[24-7-2011:12.48.14(IST)]
Punish those idiots you all are just playing behind this recent issues. do not separate anyone as third class or first class, thoothoor is a family everyone is same. its not done by any third class people but its done by an idiot who took all resource from thoothoor. few rich people are also involved in this issues. people who act like they do lots for church and thoothoor's development because we announce their names during thanks giving. NETHAJI CAN DO ANYTHING SO PLEASE FIGHT FOR JUSTICE.

Biju Kamala, Alappuzha[21-7-2011:21.48.56(IST)]
its a shoking incident,those who done this- will punished & quit Thoothoor.

Thadeuse D., Mumbai[21-7-2011:12.11.43(IST)]
Hi all,
We all understand that our level of anger at this incident is beyond measure and the comments here prove it. At the same time we, the website team, request everyone to use this public forum to register our anger in a right way as we do not know who are all watching this forum.
Hope we all understand this. Thank you.

ANBU, SHARJAH[21-7-2011:10.42.56(IST)]
We can understand that its been done by illiterate third rate idiots, but these culprits doing with the help of a priest. So we already know the route where its comes from.We have to dirrectly file the case SP Office.

Friends, We can understand that its been done by illiterate third rate idiots. We should also understand that there must be ONE(who would be very criminal) who leads those guys. So instead of reacting to the poor people who actually directly involved in this incident, we need to find a way to punish the ONE who directly involved in this. So, my opinion would be to give more pressure to conduct the audit of church construction account (which might be one of the reason for this incident).

Antony Alckias, South Africa[21-7-2011:0.4.53(IST)]
it is really a shameful act and we all to be ashamed of it. such an act against a common property and even a place of knowledge is not tolerable, i am sad when will the light peace and justice will shine over our village?

V.BERLIN ANTO, DUBAI[20-7-2011:20.27.38(IST)]

Robin. S, Thoothoor[20-7-2011:18.36.27(IST)]
Our parish must take immediate steps to file complaint in police station to find the culprit(s). The accused must be punished by our parish (along with legal action).

Francis, Thoothoor.[20-7-2011:18.23.21(IST)]
It’s horrible. We should find and throw them out from thoothoor.

Robin Francis, QATAR[20-7-2011:17.42.42(IST)]
*NETAJI LIBARARY* being a guide for all young generations.If it is happened to'Netaji',it means we are dead,show the culprits that we are still alive.(*Unity is strength*)

Sabu John, Thoothoor[20-7-2011:15.36.39(IST)]
This is equivalent to a terror attack. The culprits must be termed as terrorists. Hope the people understand the usage of a library. Thoothoor is still not yet progressed. I hope this does not trigger further problems in our village.

Robin, Chennai[20-7-2011:15.17.33(IST)]
This is unfair and unethical behaviour and the culprits should be punished.We have to initiate to find out the root cause of this issue and eradicate otherwise it will be fueled in high level.We every one knows this was started by one parish priest but this is the time everyone shows our unity and strength and avoid this kind of incident during the future generation.

Berkmans, Dubai[20-7-2011:14.44.19(IST)]
The culprits who behind the attack of NLT must be funished by Thoothoor publics.

Shibu, Abudhabi[20-7-2011:12.31.3(IST)]
This uneducated goons doesn't know about education. They like to live in stone age always. Give complaint to the police. let them find the culprits and put them into lockup for sometime.


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