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4 out of 22 Players in Tamilnadu State Football team’2012 are from our Land Back
- Maria Jin L
Added @ 14-5-2012:22.45.37(IST)
[Archive: 2012] Four soccer players from our area are selected in Tamilnadu State Football team, and they are playing in the ongoing prestigious Santosh Trophy National football championship tournament. They are Mr. A. Reagan from Thoothoor, Mr. L. Stegin from E.P.Thurai, Mr. John Paul from Neerodi and Mr. D. Edison from Kollemcode. It is notable that Reagan was the man of the tournament award winner in the 21st One Day Football Tournament of Netaji Library (NLT) that happened this year. Let us congratulate these players on this selection and wish them all the best for performing well in the matches. Visit URL-1 for the official list of Tamilnadu team.

Santhosh Trophy is a dream tournament for any Indian soccer player, and it is a pride for our people to know that players from our area are consistently participating and performing in Santhosh Trophy for the last few years.

URL-1: .....
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Francis Regon, Eraviputhenthurai[25-9-2012:13.20.3(IST)]
Hope Our ICF Stars will prove their stand once again in the GV Raja Trophy, to be held in Thiruvanathapuram,Best wishes for OUR Players

Francis Regon, E P Thurai[25-9-2012:11.51.28(IST)]
Congradz Our Football Stars

NLT Fan, Thoothoor[24-9-2012:13.35.32(IST)]
ICF lifted the AIMA-TFA Shield 2012 here on Sunday after it beat Kerala Police 1-0 in the final. People from our region Judes[Thoothoor] , Jegan [EP Thurai] ,Auxiano[Chinnathurai ] and Fredy [Kollemcode] played in the part of lifted TEAM . The all-important goal came six minutes into the second half when Shantha stole the ball from Kerala Police’s Tinson on the left and passed to David, who placed the ball in the bottom corner. Played in front of a large crowd which cheered the local side passionately, the final hardly came to life until the last 15 minutes.

See more details with photos in this link ICF winning team Photos and details

Judes Fans, THOOTHOOR[12-6-2012:0.43.48(IST)]
@Arun:TFA this year decided select only young player below the age 26 and our super star JUDES already crossed 30 age...He's keep proving for Thoothoor that he has the potential to play for Thoothoor another 5 years as best..

J.Babu, Dubai[27-5-2012:11.17.39(IST)]
With regards to my previous comment, the Finals between Tamil Nadu and Services are on 28th May 2012

J.Babu, Dubai[27-5-2012:10.21.41(IST)]
Tamil Nadu Entered in Finals and playing against Services on 27th May 2012.Congrats.

Looks the state team count is comparatively low as compared to the previous year(s) from PETEC. looks players are getting aged.

Forane Team[15-5-2012:21.56.15(IST)]
Congratulation to THOOTHOOR FORANE Soccer Star and Kollemcode Guy

Justin Antony[15-5-2012:20.43.8(IST)]
It is heartening to know that our soccer stars are going to shine again as usual.Congrats.

arun , thuthur[15-5-2012:14.30.42(IST)]
wat happen to thoothoor superstar judes...

Rashmi Ranjan, chennai[15-5-2012:10.12.0(IST)]
Congrats to All of them.

Sabu, Sharjah[15-5-2012:7.47.58(IST)]
Congratulaions boys..


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