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Theme Song Video - NLT Silver Jubilee One Day Football Tournament Back
- Admin -
Added @ 21-03-2016@08.19.13(IST)
[Archive: 2016] 
This is the Theme Song Video of NLT Silver Jubilee One Day Football Tournament. [Direction, Cinematography and Edited by Anto Titus; Song by Gokul Koria; Choreographed by Jack Betto]. The direct youtube link can be found in URL-1.

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maria christin.c, thoothoor[22-03-2016@10.17.56(IST)]
Impressive lyrics.. i think it`s by gokul... well done dude.. keep it up ...

ImmaFan, Thoothoor[22-03-2016@09.26.01(IST)]
2006 April 16 - Thoothoor B team vs Ghana match (First Goal in this Video theme). See the Awsome Goal.

dieheart Thoothoor fan, Chennai[21-03-2016@14.38.24(IST)]
2006 April 16 - Thoothoor B team vs Ghana match (First Goal in this Video theme)

Jin sends the ball to an unrushing Immanuel and holy Thomas! Was that shot ? Or an explosion ?

Francis Regon, E.P.Thurai[21-03-2016@17.54.11(IST)]
Good Work, hats off to the hands behind the Theme Music/Video

Asnu, Uae[21-03-2016@16.33.51(IST)]
welcome to d kingdom of football !!!!!!!
thuthooru daa foot baalu da !!!
sethaalum nenjile marayaadhu !!
thuthooru enga play groundu daa !!
goal lu valluvar sela dhan da !!
thukathilayum manasu foot ball ku thudikum !!!
porandha kolandha kuda foot ball kekum !!
Kattu maratha vida foot ball inga adhigam !!!
adika thudikum enga kaalgal da !!
mannula odina enga kaalgaluku thanga shoe theva illada !!!
pasi le adichaalum ballu parakum goal lu engaluku alwa da !!thuthooru daa foot baalu da !!!
sethaalum nenjile marayaadhu !!
thuthooru enga play groundu daa !!
goal lu valluvar sela dhan da !!

Olay olay yo oooo (2)

ulagathula noothula oruthan indian !!
100 groundlaum irupaan enga thuthoor veeran !
citizens of thuthoor da !! football dhan 1st wife fudaaa !!!!
kattipidika kuda football dhan venum-adhu engalifu daa !!!

pasi vandha kadaluku vala viripom !!!
vilaiyaadum bodhu adhu goal post daaa !!!
citizens of thuthoor !!!!
foot baaluku nendhu vittavanga !! jeichitu vaa nusolli vittaanga !!!
parandhom jeichom !!!
athana groundlaum netaji than da
foot ball theriyaadha ooram poo !!foot ball le medhaka thothoor vandhu poo !!!
naanga trouser pota ronaldo daa !!

Ollay olay ooo (2)

one goal machi wait for few more sec dude
two goal machi wait for few more sec dude
three goal machi wait for few more sec ah

ya its as

the people from the netaji
people from the thoothoor land
the guys from the sealand
the guys who born for the victory of football
we born for football
we live for football
we die for foorball
we took for football
he die for freedom
we die for football
the guys from thoothoor
who trains for football

naanga foot ball adikum meenavan daaa !!!!!!!)

jenetdas baiju[21-03-2016@12.20.41(IST)]
dear admin if you display the song lyrics in the same screen it will better

Sabu, Dubai[21-03-2016@12.06.04(IST)]
Very good video and appreciate the work done by these youngsters. One suggestion, instead of showing same dance moves many times, you shall display pictures of our senior footballers, starting from the first edition.



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