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Update on NLT Attack Back
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Added @ 21-7-2011:15.26.8(IST)
[Archive: 2011] 
On the 20/7 NLT attack incident, Nethaji Library members and well wishers have decided to register complaint in the Police station and SP office. As per that, complaint has been given to Nithiravilai police station on 20th July and another complaint has been lodged with SP office today (21st July). NLT president Mr. Maria Vijayan said that police have assured for strict action in this matter. Mr. Maria Vijayan also mentioned that NLT will follow up on this matter until we get the right justice.

Fr. Sanu Ouseph, the parish priest of Thoothoor, is currently out of station and expected to return within couple of days. People are waiting for his return to discuss with him for taking parish level action against this incident in which a most respected public property of Thoothoor is attacked by anti-social elements.
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Comment/Feedback on this Delegate Message

Edwin, Chennai[1-8-2011:6.23.44(IST)]
I feel something has to be done to solve the problem.
1. The library should define who are the actual members of it.
2. Everyone is thinking they are members (including me) of it but not contributing anything for its development.
3. We shoud have three tier set up
a. The defined members and administrators
b. Life members
c. Advisors
The activity of it has to be approved by the three either in meetings or through this website.
I was told that a few members think and act as it is their ancestrs property.
I request all the well wishers have to do something to solve it amicably.
In all the fishermen village the problem is not by the illiterate it is only by the persons said to be educated. They might not qualified to go for a job or anything so for their survival create problems and get benefit out of it.
My humble request is not to publish hasty comments and make this website as a barking area but to do some good for our people.

Marto, Charlotte, USA[31-7-2011:11.46.57(IST)]
The attack against NLT is not something which can be ignored..It s against the people who are thinking about the development of our native ..Pls take proper action against the culprits behind this..

Rajesh.A, Thoothoor[31-7-2011:10.52.21(IST)]
The guys were used fake name and published their commands are always welcome. At least from the attack, they learn a lot.
How to behave with people? How to write commands? How to express their anger? From iterate to literacy.
Some guy needs more and more extra classes to come animal behavior to human (Stone Age to civilize …)
This all credit goes to NLT.
inna chitharai oruththal avar
naana nannayam chithuvedal.

WELL WISHER[30-7-2011:23.17.57(IST)]
Hello Another well-wisher, first you learn the truth and then preach, only then there will be some sense to it. Anybody from Thoothoor can join as member in Nethaji library. Obviously everybody can not become president as only one is possible at a time, and that president is selected by NLT members. All these are common thing in all public organisations.

Hello Manju, the question asked to you was to give one example for Nethaji library played any underworld game as you have mentioned in your initial comment. But there is NO REPLY FROM YOU YET, which is a proof to conclude as YOUR CHARGE AGAINST NLT WAS A DUPERY.

Xaviour, Bangalore[30-7-2011:20.29.30(IST)]
Dear Another well-wisher, you seem to be relying on some information which are completely wrong. As Mr. Sabu John has described above, NLT is open to all and thus anybody from Thoothoor can become a member of NLT.

If NLT is not a public property, then how come the parish owned post office and Indian Bank buildings were built as an extension of NLT?. I request you to check the reliability of people who are giving you such wrong information.

Sabu John, Thoothoor[30-7-2011:16.54.49(IST)]
Dear Manju and Another well-wisher,

Nethaji Library Thoothoor, never ever had a partiality towards anybody. NLT was / is open to all. The executive members are selected by the members who assemble for meeting. When I was a teenager, I was given freedom question the functionaries who had worked day and night for library on specific issues. Healthy criticisms are accepted and I have the respect to the seniors and vice-versa.

I can assure you Library never tried to create problem between people of Thoothoor. I'm one of many successful people who gained knowledge with the help of Nethaji library, Thoothoor. At any point the attack on NLT is unjustifiable and it is a cowardly act.

I can give an example of Mr. Anitas, who is not highly qualified by education, but he was able to run the Library for many years. The service oriented mind is the only criteria, to be considered in NLT. Even in the recent activities of NLT, there is nothing wrong to enquire. Whoever is accused, can come clean if they have not committed any mistake.

I write these not to hurt you or anybody, but as a whole, terrorism should not be supported by at any level.

Shibu, Thoothoor[30-7-2011:13.31.35(IST)]
Another well-wisher not deserved to get a reply. Let him announce his name and come out of his cage to get a reply.

Manju Michael[29-7-2011:19.51.19(IST)]
Dear NLT members, please let us know your reply to the commends made by ANOTHER WELL-WISHER, Is NLT a public property or a private one manned and managed by the members of NLT. Hearty appreciations to the Another Well-Wisher for your eye-opening and ear-boring commend. NLT needs to be owned and managed by the Parish and Parish Council, and the Parish Priest and the Parish Council Chairman should be made the ex-officio President and Vice President respectively. It is time to reconstitute NLT and redefine its rules and manifestos.

Another well-wisher[29-7-2011:18.19.51(IST)]
Instead of spending time over the issue and debating. Is NLT really a public property??? Its owned by the members of NLT. Not everyone can become president of NLT. Is NLT really open to all thoothoor people?? unfortunately I don't have examples, but from what I've heard and experienced I noticed that NLT is fully under control of certain group of people. [I'm sure I don't have to explicitly explain the different groups in thoothoor.]. Its really interesting to read comments on the church reconstruction, it clearly shows divisions in thoothoor. I agree its really hard to have homogeneous people in a dense populated village like Thoothoor.

Thoothoor as a village has many groups and NLT itself has its own group.

I was going through the comments here and saw a 'Anja Nenjan' asking 'who the hell is xxxxxxx'. Comon dude, its wrong. were you born in any of the western country? I'm a poor fisherman's son, my family or my fishermen society didn't teach me to comment this way..So please keep all you 'veera theera sahasams' just within you. You've the right to comment, but not the right to offend.
The heritage of Thoothoor can never be demolished until u fellows fight each other and kill one another.

If you guys are ready we can discuss ways to manage comments being posted. You let people submit [not post] the messages, have a panel of 10-20 responsible people to screen them and flag them to show up on the site. give chance to more guys to take part in NLTs daily activities. Don't say it will not workout. All the best things in the world started with 'Yes WE can do it'.

I wish I could share more, but my little son is calling me to play with him. I've to go. anyways I hope my message will bring atleast a small positive change in one or two minds.

Let all the people in thoothoor gather after 8:00 AM Sunday mass to discuss and find a solution.

NLT building was attacked because of invidiousness.

In general certain messages. Now those messages were removed from public view. Thanks.

Xaviour, Bangalore[28-7-2011:16.28.53(IST)]
Hi Thoothoor(Women), completely agree to you with one exception. You said 'Now a days our wonderfull website looks like attacking people personally in verbaly'. This is not true. Hope you understand the difference between a website published message and visitor comments. At times, the website itself will be tricked to tag the responsibility in such situation, but what is the solution?. If you have a practical solution to this, please help us with suggestions.

On behalf of the website team, I also request all those who write comments to use presentable words in the comments.

WELL WISHER[28-7-2011:8.18.59(IST)]
Hi Manju Michael, you are getting weaker and weaker and whoever read this forum will understand your attitude clearly. The question asked to you was to give one example for Nethaji library played any underworld game as you have mentioned in your initial comment. If you were really serious, try to answer this question. Running around and bluffing does not help. We can just think of Vadivelu comedy while seeing your comments.

Manju Michael[28-7-2011:7.29.36(IST)]
A happy new for NLT members. The name of NLT has been recommended for Nobel Price for your sincere and honest initiative to retain peace in Thoothoor in particular and in the coastal areas across India. Kudos to you my friends.

citizen, thoothoor[27-7-2011:20.18.56(IST)]
who is this manju ,dear admin please explain about her

WELL WISHER[27-7-2011:12.17.47(IST)]
Dear Manju Michael, appreciate your verbal escape. Further to it, your reply is self explanatory that you do not have any single point to proclaim your charge that Nethaji library played any underworld game. Thanks for the shown implicit toleration.

Manju Michael[27-7-2011:8.19.10(IST)]
Hi well wisher, do keep in mind that certain things are self explanatory which do not require any examples to substantiate.

So sad whtaever happened to NLT. Measures should be taken appropirate way collectively in unity that not happens in future.
. Who is illiterate goons?
Don't you all come from illiterate breeds?. The illerate blooded sweat what we are now.

You literate teach them in calm and wise way What bible say? How christians should lead there life. who is unique eg. from others.

Now a days our wonderfull website looks like attacking people personally in verbaly. When ever we visit our Feels like our home/ culture and many positive to say.

Many whale watchers from outside laughing at us don't you think literates.

Literacy and our knowledge should be used in wise way and in unique way than others.
And not diffrentiating each others and fighting each others in written verbs.
Instead blaming each others , think all collectively(illterates(they also human beings) or literates= Humanity.

How to stop all these corruption/destruction happen in future?. Giving authority to collective people instead with in one or two.

And be a model to all.

WELL WISHER[27-7-2011:0.5.52(IST)]
Dear Samaritan, Nithravilai , appreciate your attempt. Did you read this para in the library attack message?... copying again read it. Hope you get your reply now.

As of now there is no clear clue on cause of this attack. But the 2 major recent developments/incidents in which NLT members have some relationship are (1) Very recent efforts for pressurising bishop's house to conduct audit of church construction account by collecting mass signature from the public which was ongoing for the last 2-3 days, and (2) The recent TFL tournament related issues.

I already asked Manju Michael, Marthandam to give one example for Nethaji library played any underworld game. She is escaped.

Manju Michael, Marthandam[26-7-2011:21.34.44(IST)]
Dear kadaloran, Please see the comment made by Samaritan from Nithravilai. I did not support the attack on NLT, what I want you understand is that people are NO MORE mere passive spectators. You should not expect everyone to stand by your side and support you. You must have the maturity to handle the difference of opinion of the readers. It seems you are still wet behind the ears. I really appreciate the comment of Samaritan. Never try to cross the bridge before you come to it, Mr.Kadaloran.

Antony, Thoothoor[26-7-2011:13.55.38(IST)]
We already known illiterates goon did thiz... but a rumour in our areas this will go as normal...not going to take any action against diz.
like(Sparking Dogs never bite)
So NLT well wishers i'm requesting you to take it as very serious and we will teach them a good lesson to these culprits and In future diz will not going to happen AGAIN.

Sanu, Pune[25-7-2011:22.5.45(IST)]
Dear my friends,
Kindly don't publish any particular individuals name in your commands. Please, let's wait. &

My command on this issue is, All the people of this world(including me) play our own politics in our lives for our survival. Even, the commands of this problem also is having a politics. So, dear my parishioners, please let's wait, don't divert the issue & don't hurt anyone personally. As a normal human, let's punish the criminal to repent than laughing at his/her foolishness.

Samaritan, Nithravilai[25-7-2011:21.9.13(IST)]
It would be wise to ponder over as to why NLT was attacked. For every action or reaction, there must be some reason. So it would be a honest effort from the part of the NLT members to brood why there is a dissatisfaction among someone or somebody over the NLT as an entity.

Edwin J, Chennai[25-7-2011:20.54.44(IST)]
We have to delink church activity and parish administration.
The reason behind is 100 per cent people are christian and the priests take advantage of it.
The name of the village is spoiled by the church administration not only now from the begining.
They always support the heavy weights or work for the heavy weights.
I strongly register my condemn on this incident.
They demolished the old church on their own thereby they spoiled the heritage of the village and now started to spoil the peaceful life in the village.

Manju, your comments are highly unacceptable. You have to think several times before writing in such a public forum.

The Netaji Library's functions need no introduction as they contributed a lot, starting from producing several soccer stars who shine at the District, University, State, National and even International levels. Besides, their inspiration made several youngsters and elders appear in the TV and Newspapers. Seminars and meetings they arranged for giving awareness to the people stand testimony to this.

We are not from Thuthur, but we closely watch their humanitarian activities for the betterment of the community they are from. Their commitment coupled with good ideals and maturity operate with integrity and objectivity. Their sense of justice; love, reverence, concern and kindness for the growth of the fisherfolk are highly praiseworthy.

Their multifaceted capacity even demonstrates a higher contribution to form the resourceful and energetic India, with a hope , prepared to serve the highest aspirations of ordinary people. These lines are too little to contain what Netaji Library is.

We are very proud of Netaji Library for their involvement during the struggles to save our community's educational institution. They stood unitedly to establish truth, right and justice for which the institution stands.

Dear friends, please do not reply to the comments of Manju anymore. She does not deserve our response.

Manju, stop your 'sponsored comments'. Do not forget that 'Pen is mightier than the sword'.

Aldrin, Thoothoor[24-7-2011:12.10.21(IST)]
Please find the root of the master brain behind the guys. They are only stupid are arrows. Sure some body played behind this attack. That behind the screen person will be punished.

WELL WISHER[24-7-2011:11.28.10(IST)]
Hello Manju Michael, can you give one example for Nethaji library played any underworld game? Dont talk baseless complaint. Your boss is playing all timid games. He is no 1 fraud and dread.

Shibu, thoothoor[23-7-2011:23.23.10(IST)]
Who is the hell Manju Michael. Netaji library is playing under world games and foolishing the parishioners in thuthur? How long she is in thuthur? Is she talking and favouring the goons who damaged the library and its properties. They are always like to stay in the stone age. Is she also one of them?

Manju Michael, Marthandam[23-7-2011:22.58.43(IST)]
Incidents like these happen everywhere where library and its members interfere and indulge in activities which are no way connected with the purpose for which library functions.Library should try to focus on those literary and literature, and sports and extra curricular activities rather than trying to play underworld games to divide the parish and thus try to fool the parishioners.

The above comment not from real well wisher. remove that immediate.

This is funny...
I dont think a priest can do anything without the support from any one in the parish council(committee).
So, the actual black sheep is from the village and is selected by us only.

christin, thoothoor[22-7-2011:9.22.56(IST)]
Dear Admin, Somebody misuse my name and put comment, pls find out

Amalraj M, Chennai[22-7-2011:9.0.17(IST)]
We have to rethink about the priests are in village administration. We should make the comity with our village people. Priest will do there duty in church. Why we need priest in village administration. Early days Priests did great jobs for our villages. But recent incidents tell us no trust on the priest. (We can see in our college also).


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