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NLT Sports fest 2013 Event list and costing - Sponsors Welcome Back
- Sajeen Arulees
Added @ 13-12-2013:7.40.50(IST)
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Dear Well wishers,

The below events (attached in URL-1) are conducted in connection with Netaji Fest during the Christmas days. The interested sponsors are requested to contact Dr.Mary Jerin (Contact Number: 9488408217)

Dr.A.Sajeen (President, NLT)

URL-1: .....
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Dr.A.Sajeen, Thoothoor[15-12-2013:14.52.33(IST)]
We are happy to record our obligation to the respected well wishers who have offered to sponsor the following events.
Badminton -Rs.1000 (Mr. Frederick Esthoppan)
Kabbaddy -Rs 1000 (Mr.J.Marydasan)
Throw Ball -Rs.2500 (Mrs.Remibai)
Tunicate -Rs.2000 (Dr.Mary Jerin)

Dr.A.Sajeen, Thoothoor[14-12-2013:17.43.33(IST)]
Thank you ,Mr.Nigin for the query.It is our plan to buy Magazines & Newspapers for the library. We have got sufficient newspapers already.The donor, Mr.S.M. Edwin Kumar who has offered to contribute Rs. 10000, suggests to put a few more newspapers along with Magazines.

Nigin Bibin, Thoothoor[13-12-2013:23.13.37(IST)]
What about magazines and newspapers?

Dr.A.Sajeen, Thoothoor[13-12-2013:19.48.3(IST)]
We offer our sincere thanks to the respected well wishers for having sponsored the following events.
Magazines & Newspapers Rs.10000(Mr.S.M. Edwin Kumar)
Kho-Kho Rs.5000(Mr.V.Antony Jayaraj)
Certificate Rs.4000 (Mr.Charley)

Dr.A.Sajeen, Thoothoor[13-12-2013:11.52.25(IST)]
I thank the Admin, Thoothoor .com(especially the ardent support and tireless effort taken by Mr.Xavier) for publishing the NLT news in time.


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