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Another two-wheeler accident on 15th July 2018, a woman from Thoothoor died
- Admin -  [Added @ 16-07-2018@08.35.20(IST)-]
A couple from Thoothoor along with kid travelled in a two-wheeler hit with a car near Puthukkadai on 15th July 2018. Wife died on the spot. The kid and father were saved with injuries. This is 3rd such incident in our region within 15 days.
37 years old Rajesh from Thoothoor died in a two-wheeler accident
- Sherrin  [Added @ 12-07-2018@20.45.01(IST)-]
Rajesh from Thoothoor expired in a road accident today, 12th July 2018. Rajesh was on his way to Puthukkadai from Thoothoor when he met with this deadly accident. He was first taken to a hospital in Marthandam, and then to another hospital in Trivandrum, but nothing could be done as the condition was beyond control.

37 years old Rajesh is son of Mr. Christhophen & Mrs. Jesintha from Thoothoor; and was surviving with wife and two kids.
Jegan Junior from E.P.Thurai expired in an accident
- Maria Jin L  [Added @ 01-07-2018@19.52.26(IST)-Edited @ 02-07-2018@08.07.53(IST)]
Widely known football player Jegan Junior (34) from Eravi Puthenthurai expired on 1-7-2018. He had met with a two wheeler accident 2 days before while he was on his way to Trivandrum from E.P.Thurai. He lost the consciousness on the spot and died in the hospital. His funeral mass is at 11 AM on Monday 2nd July 2018 at St.Catherine Church in E.P.Thurai.

Jegan played in the prestigious Santhosh Trophy tournament many times in the past for Tamilnadu State and Indian Railway. Jegan is a friendly person and had played for NLT also in the past.
Benza Sheen (41) from Thoothoor passed away
- Sherrin  [Added @ 12-05-2018@15.25.03(IST)-]
Benza from Thoothoor died yesterday, 11th May 2018 at Trivandrum Sree Chitra Hospital where she underwent an operation on 7th May. She remained unconscious until Thursday just to open her eyes for a glimpse without any other reaction and died in the evening hours on Friday. Benza is wife of Mr. Sheen, an ex BSF man, and mother of two boys aged 15 and 13.

The funeral mass will be offered at St.Thomas Forane Church Thoothoor at 4 PM on Sunday 13th May 2018.

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Prabha (35) from Thoothoor passed away
- Sherrin  [Added @ 16-02-2018@12.40.43(IST)-Edited @ 17-02-2018@10.10.03(IST)]
Mrs. Prabha from Thoothoor, aged 35, passed away on 15th Feb 2015. She was very normal until before she went for a small sleep in the morning at around 11 AM at her house. Later when others tried to wake her up, she was found dead. The cause of the death is believed to be silent heart attack. The funeral is at 11 AM on Sunday, 18th Feb at St.Thomas Forane Church Thoothoor.

Mr.Solomon Manuvaipillai from Thoothoor passed away
- Sherrin  [Added @ 10-02-2018@16.23.27(IST)-]
Mr.Solomon Manuvaipillai from Thoothoor passed away on 8th Feb 2018. The funeral mass is at 3.30pm on 11th Feb 2018 at St Thomas Forena Church Thoothoor.

Tharthees Sir from Neerodi passes away
- Baiju Jenet Das  [Added @ 02-11-2017@19.03.56(IST)-]
Mr. Tharthees Sir from Neerodi passed away on 2nd Nov 2017. He was a former teacher in Pius XI HSS Thoothoor. Funeral mass will be at 3.00 on 3/11/2017 at St.Nicolas Church, Neerodi.

Mr.Cleetus (aged 46) from Thoothoor passed away
- Arul Seelan B  [Added @ 11-10-2017@16.49.47(IST)-]
Mr.Cleetus ( Flower amma's son in law) from Thoothoor, aged 46, died on 10th Oct 2017 at his resident in Thoothoor following body pain and the cause is suspected to be stroke. The burial mass is at 4.00pm on Wed 11th Oct 2017 at St.Thomas Forane Church, Thoothoor.

Mr.Cleetus was living with wife Mrs. Shanthi. Let us pray for the repose of the departed soul.
Mr Biju Raj - 8th Day Memorable Mass
- Maria Jin L  [Added @ 04-05-2017@12.57.38(IST)-]

Mr. Biju Raj, a youth aged 28, from Thoothoor dies of blood cancer
- Baiju Jenet Das  [Added @ 02-05-2017@16.21.12(IST)-]
Mr. Biju Raj from Thoothoor aged (28) died today 2 nd May 2017 in a Chennai hospital due to blood cancer. Biju was a BE Electrical and Electronics engineer and was working in Qatar. He was diagnosed with blood cancer 8 months ago when he vomited blood all of a sudden.

Biju is son of Mr. Franklin and Mrs.Prema from Thoothoor. The funeral will be held in Thoothoor tomorrow, 3rd May 2017 at 4.00pm.
Late Mr. Arulees from Thoothoor - First Death Anniversary Card
- Sajeen Arulees  [Added @ 03-02-2017@20.07.58(IST)-]

Mr. Ajistan Sacraties (aged 22) of Thoothoor passed away
- Baiju Jenet Das  [Added @ 02-02-2017@12.44.11(IST)-Edited @ 02-02-2017@12.59.19(IST)]
Mr.Ajistan Sacraties (22 S/O Mr.Thiboorse) died due to some ailments. He was admitted in NIMS hospital ,Neyattinkara ,undergoing treatment under ICU, more than 10 people donated blood to save his life but at last all efforts were in vain . He died on 1/02/2017 midnight. His funeral mass will be on 04/02/2017 Saturday at St.Thomas forane church, Thoothoor.

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Mr Poulose - First Death Anniversary Card
- Joseph Xaviour  [Added @ 27-01-2017@09.01.03(IST)-]

Mr. John Rodel (Bellary Sir) from Thoothoor passes away
- Bobby (Bose P Bertil)  [Added @ 11-01-2017@09.29.22(IST)-Edited @ 12-01-2017@11.08.41(IST)]
Mr.John Rodel (widely known as Bellary Sir and Ex KRYC Key Player) from Thoothoor passed away on 11th Jan 2017 at the age of 75 years. He was under treatment for many months for various health issues and got admitted to hospital few days back where his condition went bad in the midnight on 10th Jan causes his death in the early hours on 11th Jan. The funeral will be held on 12th Jan at 3pm in St.Thomas Forane Church Thoothoor. He was survived by wife Mrs. Siluvamma Rodel, sons Sibi Rodel, Tony Rodel, and daughter Mini Rodel.
Mr.Poulose from Thoothoor passes away
- Joseph Xaviour  [Added @ 04-02-2016@09.20.20(IST)-]
Mr.Poulose from Thoothoor passes away on 3rd Feb 2016 at 10.30 PM at his residence in KR.Puram, Thoothoor. He was suffering with age related health issues for few years.

The burial mass is at 4 pm on 5th Feb at St.Thomas Forane Church Thoothoor. Mr.Poulose is husband of Canty Teacher, and father of Mr. Aji (Stanley Paul).
Mr. A Arulees from Thoothoor passes away
- Sajeen Arulees  [Added @ 03-02-2016@15.18.19(IST)-]
Mr. A Arulees from Thoothoor, my father, passes away at 10.30 AM today, 3rd Feb 2016. Burial will take place at Thoothoor St. Thomas Forane Church at 10.30 AM tomorrow.
Mr.Marphin from Chinnathurai passes away due to liver cancer
- Shyju Pathrose  [Added @ 27-01-2016@21.55.48(IST)-]
Mr.Marphin from Chinnathurai (aged 36) expired on today 27th Jan 2016 at Chinnathurai. He was suffering from liver cancer for the past few days and had his last breathe on today at his residence. The funeral mass is at 3PM on 28th January 2016 at St. Judes Church, Chinnathurai.

Mr.Marphin is son of Mr.Sammicheal from Chinnathurai and he was living with wife Mrs.Filma and two children. Let us pray for the repose of the departed soul.
First Death Anniversary mass Invitation
- ThrCOM News Delegate 03  [-Edited @ 23-5-2015:0.15.40(IST)]

First death anniversary mass for Mr. Lourdu Dasan
- ThrCOM News Delegate 01  [Added @ 6-2-2015:21.51.48(IST)-]
The first death anniversary mass for Mr. Lourdu Dasan happened in St.Thomas Forane Church Thoothoor today, 6th Feb 2015, at 11.30 AM. Lourdu Dasan died last year due to deadly cancer. The mass card is given below.

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