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A fisherman from Thoothoor dies in sea due to accidental fall into water, body not recovered
- Sibi S  [Added @ 07-12-2019@08.15.44(IST)-Edited @ 09-12-2019@08.49.06(IST)]
Moise from Thoothoor along with 12 others went for fishing from Gujarath on 30th November. In the early morning hours on 5th November, when others woke up for the day, Moise was missing. Immediately others in the boat informed the incident to the nearby boats and they together searched for him, but their efforts end in vain. According to others in the boat, he might have fallen into the sea accidentally while he was relieving himself at the night. 48 year old Moise was surviving with wife and two daughters. A newspaper report below.

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