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National Green Tribunal declared Parakkanni check dam illegal, but nothing would change!
- Sesadimai
Added @ 21-08-2022@00.00.14(IST)
National Green Tribunal (Southern Zone) has declared its judgment on the Parakkanni check dam based on the petition filed by the Association of Deep Sea Going Artisanal Fishermen. Late Mr. Edwin Jerome from Thoothoor had filed this petition in the National Green Tribunal by listing all the illegal aspects in the Parakkanni check dam.

The Tribunal, after its hearing, declared its judgment on 17th August in which it declared the Parakkanni check dam illegal. But the Tribunal did not provide any direction for the demolition of the check dam taking into consideration the public interest and involvement of the public money. Instead, the Tribunal has directed the government not to proceed with further construction in that area. According to fishermen activists, this judgment does not make any difference as the construction of the check dam is already complete. The judgment from National Green Tribunal (Southern Zone) is attached.

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