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'Passion of OCKHI' contests on account of NLT's 27th One Day Football Tournament
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NLT's 27th One Day Football Tournament is being planned as a Tribute to Ockhi Cyclone Victims. On account of this, NLT in association with Thoothoor.COM has launched the 'Passion of OCKHI' Contest. There are 3 categories of contests in this such as POEM Writing, PENCIL Drawing, and IDEA Hunt. This contest is Open to ALL; No restrictions on number of contest or number of entries; Old creations allowed; Entries shall be in Tamil, English, and Malayalam. Entry submission can be done via the COLLECTION BOX available at NLT, or the given email-id or WhatsApp number. Visit the below announcement for more details (Click on the image for bigger view).

URL-1: .....
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