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NLT announced it's new Golden Membership plan
- Baiju Jenet Das
Added @ 23-01-2018@12.42.42(IST)
Last Updated @ 13-03-2018@14.30.30(IST)
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NLT paid homage to Netaji on his 121st Birth Anniversary by hoisting the national flag in a simple function. On this day, NLT also announced its new Golden Membership plan starting 2018. Golden Membership is a new membership type introduced in addition to the existing Regular Membership. Golden Membership will be treated as a channel by which well-wishers across the globe can support NLT services by paying an annual subscription. The details of the Golden Membership are given below
  • Anybody from Thoothoor or married in Thoothoor can become a Golden Member of NLT by filling the registration form and paying the first-year subscription
  • Annual Subscription for Golden Member is Rs 1000/-
  • Registration as a Golden Member can be done in person during the office hours or by sending the registration form to NLT (Registration form and details are given in URL below)
  • Subscription amount should be paid before 31st Dec of every year. Payment can be made in person or by online bank transfer to NLT bank account
  • Golden members will enjoy the following additional benefits
    • A specially designed photo id card and vehicle sticker
    • A Plaque of Honour. This plaque is specially designed and can be easily enriched after each year subscription renewal by sticking the given year label
    • Golden Members Meet will be conducted once in a year during the Christmas season. Proposed suggestions (Golden Suggestions) in this meet will be handed over to the NLT executives for presenting it in the general meetings and take appropriate action
    • The list of Golden Members for the year will be published in Netaji Library
NLT invites all well-wishers to cooperate with this initiate and join as the Golden Member. Registration Form and all required details are given below (Both DOC and PDF formats for convenience). NLT also thanks Thoothoor.COM for its idea hunt event that helped them to come up with this new membership plan (Check IDEA-43 in the Idea Bank - click here).

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Robin. S, Dubai[14-03-2018@23.26.53(IST)]
Hope this Golden membership enrich the quality of service of NLT.

Very Good Initiative. Please analyze the pros and cons for golden members from other villages of thoothoor forane.