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KFDS joined hand with NLT to enhance the library services
- Baiju Jenet Das
Added @ 08-07-2017@19.49.18(IST)
Last Updated @ 10-07-2017@16.59.01(IST)
[Archive: 2017] KFDS (Kaniyam Fishermen Development Society) extended supports for many of the NLT (Nethaji Library Thoothoor) operations in which 3 of them are very significant. KFDS has offered to pay the salary for a librarian for life time. Apart from this, KFDS has donated Rs 50000/- to enhance the book bank collections and further donated a Book Rack at the cost of Rs 7000/-. These supports from KFDS will surely take the library services to the next level, because having an employed librarian will help standardizing all the library services especially the book bank service. NLT extends wholehearted thanks to all members of KFDS.

It is noteworthy that many organizations are coming forward to work with Nethaji library such as QTC (life time electricity bill), and TWA (In collaboration with QTC for implementing wifi project ). NLT also welcomes other similar minded organisations and people to join hand to fulfill other social/welfare plans and thoughts in pipeline.
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Robin. S, Thoothoor[09-07-2017@15.24.28(IST)]
Great job done by KFDS. It will help a tremendous changes in our society soon.
Hope on other associations will join hand with NLT to look forward it's future vision.
More over, appreciate ITPET as it has similar vision to motivate the education related aspects.