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NLT Yellow team won the title of 24th One Day Football Tournament
- Shyju Pathrose
Added @ 6-4-2015:9.5.55(IST)
[Archive: 2015] NLT's 24th One Day Football tournament happened on the Easter Sunday, 5th April 2015, with huge audience support. Many teams from Kerela and Tamilnadu participated in the tournament. The 4 teams entered the semi finals are Trivandrum, FEBZ Dubai, NLT Yellow, and Vallavilai. In the semi final matches, FEBZ Dubai defeated Trivandrum (2-1) and NLT Yellow defeated Vallavilai (3-0).

In the final match, NLT defeated FEBZ Dubai (4-3) and won the title. Thoothoor parish priest Fr.Bebinson and asst parish priest Fr.Mentez distributed the trophies and awards. The internet live streaming of the tournament was done in and Nila TV/Rajive TV live telecasted the tournament locally.
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great work done by NLT team.and really loved the way you have selected and offered chance to our player rather goin for guest.our player has proven once again their ability.congratz all the players and whoever given their support to made this tournament as a remarkable one.thanks guyzzz....way to go...

Christin B[13-4-2015:16.35.1(IST)]
Congratulation to NLT Executive Members, Sponsors and NLT team Player , If possible please share tournament photo's to the admin to publish in our site.

Thoothoorian, Medavakam[8-4-2015:18.18.37(IST)]
In the final match, NLT defeated FEBZ Dubai (4-3)... I saw the match and felt FEBZ Dubai didn't play well.

Sunil, Vijayawada[6-4-2015:17.26.41(IST)]
Thanks for the great post.

REEGAN LAZER, THOOTHOOR[6-4-2015:15.29.20(IST)]
Congrats team...

Shyjin , Dubai[6-4-2015:12.59.14(IST)]
Congratulation for the winners, Runners and the participants.......

Congratulation for Nethaji committee that they didn't go for any guest player.... this is what people expectation....
This is way select the good player from our place and try to avoid taking guest player. we have good players in our Nethaji Football Team, and it doesn't matter win or lose, give chances to our players and they will do what you are expecting.
Thanks for all the sponsors and the supporters and special thanks to live web telecasting team and finally the audience.

Thoothoorian champions forever.