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Judo Club in Thoothoor, Judo legend Mr. Nayakam back to action
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Added @ 14-1-2014:18.42.40(IST)
[Archive: 2014] This message is about an exceptional rebound of Mr.Nayakam in Judo after more than 15 years of gap in Judo. He recently won Gold in Ernakulam district level and Bronze in Kerela state level.

Mr.Nayakam (47) son of Mr.Tharthees from Thoothoor was a shining Judo star in Thoothoor from late 80's for around 15 years and during this period he had inherited many gold, silver and bronze medals in Judo competition held at district and state levels in Kerala. He had represented Ernakulam , Trissure and Alaphuzha district in many State level Judo competitions. In 1992, he got black belt in Karate and from then people calls him ‘Karate Nayakam’.

He could not continue his Judo activities as he didn’t get any job through that. Thus he returned to the traditional fishing work, married Mrs.Ahila and has two sons and one daughter. Many of his friends and well wishers were worried about his decision to stay away from Judo in spite of him having rich expertise and strong record in Judo. Currently Nayakam stopped going for fishing and is running a sports material shop in Thoothoor.

In Oct 2013, he accidentally met one of his old Judo mate in a sports shop in Ernakulam and his mate who is well aware of Nayakam’s Judo expertise insisted him to return to Judo. It is due to his friend’s emphatic pressure and effort, Nayakam participated in the district level Judo competition without any serious practice, and won the Gold medal in Ernakulam district level in the senior division. Following that, he represented Ernakulam district in the State level competition and won Bronze Medal. This is indeed an exceptional rebound for Nayakam after more than 15 years of gap in Judo.

With this victory, Nayakam is back to Judo world and currently starting a Judo Club in Thoothoor to develop Judo skill in our area. Please visit the below link for his achievements, certificates and Judo performance.

URL-1: .....
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alckias Antony[25-1-2014:16.22.23(IST)]
it is really a great news for me. Nayakam Anna you proved that life does not end in failure but still hope at the end of the road, help our young ones to know the value of life which you learnt from your experience. May God continue to guide you in all your efforts to train young ones in Judo and Karate. I am really Happy for your decision to come back. will you with you in prayer.

Congratulation brother.

Damin Johny, Chennai[22-1-2014:10.26.53(IST)]
Congrats bro, god bless you...

It is wonderful to hear this. From this I can say Mr. Nayakam will be role model for many who slips in life. God bless you my dear brother and thank God for selecting you as a model for many.

VP, Thoothoor[17-1-2014:12.57.1(IST)]
Thoothoor, Lots of talents from this area come and proved their talents to many areas. But unfortunately other than football no one come to light. He is the one who suffered a lot because of his talents (somebody told uniqueness). Even his relatives also not happy with his progress in earlier days. Anybody know, he has been practiced in public places in thoothoor. Because that was in late nights or early mornings. Our people were not accept this as a profession. But his dedication overcome that and His victories won the hearts.

First Thanks to his friend the convince him to comeback. (I want to know his name to give thanks also request the for that.).
Next whoever supports for him whenever he was in trouble and to publish this for an example.

Now I asking you people, Please accept this as a profession. Also I will pray for him to overcome all the hurdles which are waiting for him. Thoothoor is the place, will not accept this easily. He won big Challenges in his life. This is another one.

Best of luck.
God bless you my dear.

Nice to hear congratulation brother. Karate Nayakam again on the field wow. We are proud of you Mr.Nayakam brother. Brother keep earn more good names more than old. I am your follower because of you have more talents but you are humble really great. I leant it from you brother. Thanks for the great news Mr.admins.

Sanu , Netherlands[17-1-2014:0.6.3(IST)]
Judo! Appadiyana Ennathu?
But congrats Respected Mr. Nayakam Sir.

U r de example for the uniqueness of Human. WoW! What would be de case, if we allow our people to grow in their uniqueness!

Guest, EP thurai[16-1-2014:10.46.40(IST)]
Congratulation Anna.I am very happy to your come back.I am thank to GOD

Dr P Justin Antony[15-1-2014:22.31.16(IST)]
The karate/judo classes shall be started in our school and college,and he shall be appointed as the master.

Robin. S, Thoothoor[15-1-2014:18.58.6(IST)]
It s a great pleasure to hear this good news...... a good decision to start a Judo club....... our young generation could learn Judo/Karate from a great man from our locality to achieve more..... dear Nayagam anna, as a fan I pray God for you to shine a leading Judo/Karate Master in the national level.

Binu Barca, Thoothoor[15-1-2014:20.35.48(IST)]
You guys are making alive of our own martial arts.
Nice to hear as indian citizen and proud to hear as a thoothoorian.

Johnpaul, Thoothoor [15-1-2014:18.3.18(IST)]
Gud to hr tht ,,,congrats brother ,keep on move get lot of medals ,,god bless u brother.

Guest , Thoothoor[15-1-2014:11.42.55(IST)]
Unbelievable Mr.Nayakam you are come back to Judo and Karate again!!!! I am very glad to see you with Judo and karate Congratulation.

Guest, Thoothoor[15-1-2014:1.29.2(IST)]
Unexpected and Great decision taken.

I could not express the feeling about his comeback.

Best wishes

Shyju, Thoothoor[14-1-2014:22.6.16(IST)]
I am very proud of my BROTHER-IN-LAW back to Judo and Karate. And also Thoothoor is proud of you Mr.Nayakam. Congratulation Mr.Nayakam please keeps doing my dear BIL.

Glad to see Nayakam Annan started his second innings in his judo world. Warm welcome and best wishes for your judo and karate action.