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NLT One Day Football Tournament and Selection of New President
- Paulose Anto Xaviour

Last Updated @ 15-3-2013:12.56.42(IST)
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In the recent NLT advisory meeting, there are certain decisions taken regarding selecting a new President and about the Easter Day One day Football Tournament. There was a need to select a new president as the current president is resigned last week. As decided by the advisory committee, Dr. A.Sajeen has assumed the charge as president of Netaji Library with immediate effect.

The preparations for the football tournament are going in full swing. Dr. C.Sylendra Babu IPS (Additional DGP, Coastal Security), Mr. Mervin Alexander IPS (Post Master General, Dept of Postal Services, Govt of India), Mr. John Rose MA,MPhil(Asst. Commissioner of Police, Cyber Crime, Chennai), and Dr. Joseph Deniston MA MPhil PhD (Principal, St. John’s Arts & Science College, Nagercoil) have agreed to come as chief guests and guests for the football tournament.

NLT welcomes all football fans and neighbors to the 22nd One Day football tournament.
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VP, Thoothoor[30-3-2013:13.16.57(IST)]
I agree with Mr. Espins Messages on Live Webcasting of the Holy Week Ceremonies, and the One Day Football Tournament. But why we dropped the Sports days organized by NLT earlier days. Thats are very populare and till in my eyes. Later i can watch sports days in schools and colleages also in catechism. That will not be have such issues. Now days our people have lots talents and they have no source to prove that and no guidance.

Recently I Read a message in facebook one boy mensioned Nathaji Library Thoothoor. Yes NLT is not a sport Clup. Its a library. So it should atleast organize a Quiz Competition or awareness programs. I read this line from NLT under organisations page 'NLT is serving for more than 50 years in the area of Library, Arts and Sports activities' But Now days its is only Sports activities. Library - only papers, Arts - not applicable.

I feel this NLT is not doing enough and I expect more from the new president.

Beslin, Thoothoor[29-3-2013:18.23.4(IST)]
My friend Christin, I wish that could happen with the new set of guest.I truely wish for the success of our tournament.
My question here is, Do we run the show for the last 2 decades without high profile guests?
Player who hide their emotion while they play for club is not able to control it whihe they play in our native.
Do we lack a something? Are we showing our youngsters the way they need to follow in the future?

Christin S, Thoothoor[21-3-2013:11.16.47(IST)]
Beslin, Think in other way like , I believe because of the High profile guest our people may show discipline and make this tournament in successful way.

Observer, Fishermen community[19-3-2013:17.52.11(IST)]
200% I am with the comment of Mr.Beslin. Self discipline is important. Let us be a true model to our ordinary fishers in all our walks of life.

Beslin, Thoothoor[19-3-2013:13.0.35(IST)]
Nice to see the good list of Guest. Do we really need such high profile Guest? I mean getting those people and showing our indiscipline to them. Is there any way can we make our people or atleast players to understand the importance of being discipline. According to me winning the tournament(though i give 100% support to NLT team) come next. Ours is no more a small tournament to focus on lifting the trophy and taking pride among our neighbors, rather ours is more than a decade old most prestigious football tournament in KK Dist. Do we do justice for it?

Beslin, Thoothoor[19-3-2013:13.3.47(IST)]
Website user experience is going for a task. Please increase the height of comment section. we dont need just a big space for POST button. Only 2 line is visible which can easily be 5 lines.

Christin, Thoothoor[18-3-2013:14.42.14(IST)]
Very congratulation to our new tournament committee members for chosening valuable Guest.pls update Outside Team Details, NLT new Logo and tournament fixtures.

reegan lazer, thoothoor[16-3-2013:12.29.56(IST)]
what is NLT going to do for people who played for other team where nlt team playing same tournament and somebody played against nlt team ?

kevin, chennai[16-3-2013:7.2.1(IST)]
joli joli joli!!!!!

Thadeuse, Chinnathurai[15-3-2013:13.36.42(IST)]
Dear admin is there any possibilities to webcast Maundy Thursday till Easter football tournament.

UAE Fans[15-3-2013:12.57.39(IST)]
Great thoothoorians..... You people are really great Great...

Is live telecast available this year tournament?.

Another good news is football player Mr.Joffin from Thoothoor has appointed as Accountant against Sports Quota in The Principal Accountant General (A&E), Tamil Nadu, Chennai.

Very happy to see the list of cheif guests and hope this tournament rock as usual. Thanks to all tournament commitee members and Good Luck.