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New Office Bearers selected for NLT
- Sherrin
Added @ 17-2-2013:19.35.54(IST)
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Netaji Library meeting is conducted today, 17th February 2012, to select new office bearers for NLT and to plan the forthcoming One Day football tournament. NLT members and well wishers attended this meeting which is held in NLT building.

The newly selected office bearers are Mr. Sajeen (President), Mr. Maria Vijanan (Vice President), Mr. Jenet Dhas (Secretary), Mr. Merlin (Joint Secretary), Mr. Shibi (Cashier), and Mr. Frederic (Librarian). Mr. Britto & Mr. Denister were selected as Sports Managers. A team of 5 members were selected as coach such as Mr. Syrus, Mr. Darvin, Mr. Saji, Mr. Antony Xavier, and Mr. Soosai Antony.

The one day football tournament preparations are kicked off today, and the full tournament committee will be selected sooner by the new office bearers.

Let us congratulate the new office bearers and wish them all the best.
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Leo Johny, Thoothoor[27-2-2013:23.58.27(IST)]
Congratulations!!! to the newly elected committee
I'm delighted to be a thoothoorian. We as a thoothoorian expect a lot from your end.

Secretary ,NLT [26-2-2013:18.17.23(IST)]
By GOD'S grace and with the support of all residential and non-residential thoothoorians and all wellwishers , we will do it better for the development our library and our society. thanks to all who posted greetings and wishes in May GOD BLESS YOU

Arulseelan, Andaman.[26-2-2013:14.29.1(IST)]
Vazhthukkal.!!! Congratulations and THANKS.

For the Newly Selected Office Bearers :

Foot ball tournament is not only the task for our NLT, So concentrate on development of our NLT and Thoothoor youngsters too. Past 7 to 8 years history of our office bearers tech nothing for the newly selected office bearers,
So please make some good foot prints for the up coming youngsters to follow and lead our village.
Keep in mind-
The same bad situation we crossed over never and ever be repeated again in our Thoothoor.
Never express personal feelings, you all are representing the BIG and BEST Institution 'NLT'.
I and lot of peoples are following you( NLT ), and expecting more good moves from you all....
NLT must follow good Leaders(Wishing Unity of Our Village and Community ) and be a Good Leader for their followers.
Keep some punishable rules and regulation for the NLT members and our Team players.

God Bless you and all.

Christin, Thoothoor[26-2-2013:13.2.17(IST)]
Last week I went our native , somebody told to me ,the NLT attack police case without punishment the police case withdraw, I have two Quest, 1. Whom the criminal? 2.If don't know the NLT attack Criminal, Why the case has withdraw.

Edwin Jerome[26-2-2013:5.59.40(IST)]
We hope that the new official bearers will solve all the differences within the NLT.
It is better to publish the reason to withdraw the case, I am sure it was withdrawn to bring peace to the village but the same some innocents were booked in this matter so if the actual story is revealed stating that they are innocent then it will be better.

Robin. S, Thoothoor[25-2-2013:13.57.12(IST)]
I hope that the new office bearers would focus on many other services for our society apart from Football as before 10-12 years ago.

Damin Johny, Chennai[22-2-2013:15.8.52(IST)]
Congrats and all the best,the newly selected office bearers....

shyjin siluvayyan[21-2-2013:12.31.16(IST)]
each one blaming others, but the problem still going on. So what is your final decision about our NLT problems. Take a proper decision as soon as possible, otherwise its affects the entire NLT.

VP, Thoothoor[21-2-2013:3.8.14(IST)]
I like more people very concern about to take action against one, who violating NLT Rules. I am very happy. But here my question is, anyone who know about NLT Rules ? As of me, this is seasonal interest. After the tournament no one ask about the photos or videos.

NLT attack is a bad incident. Some fools attacked the library, means Ill-literate people are there in our village or it was handle the issue correctly without making it sensitive.

I can count one question as ten in comment session for taking action against one who violating rules. because more people read the news and leave it. So the new team should be very care about the activities and it will be good example and motivate to the people who come forward.

Here the new team may try to bring the unity. Every time they are trying to do the same. But moral is important for the future. If we start punishing, we may get a weaker team in the near future (But I don’t think so, because we have enough players), strong future for Thoothoor.

Please encourage younger guys with the support of professional players. Professional players can lead the youngsters but not ruin them. I expect the third team...

Guys, there will be difference of opinion in any decisions. But remember that these recent decision are taken by seniors who are veteran social contributors in our parish for decades. We will respect their directions, and obey to their decisions.

Reeganlazer, Thoothoor[20-2-2013:18.43.5(IST)]
NLT should have strict policies to handle cases where somebody violating nlt rules. Otherwise it will be bad example for younger people.

friends, Thoothoor[20-2-2013:13.7.51(IST)]
why your not post the all feedback comments?

wellwisher, Thoothoor[20-2-2013:13.16.39(IST)]
we need the full details of that meeting.

friends, thoothoor[20-2-2013:13.21.31(IST)]
the decision is good, but what about the players who violated nlt rules. any decision is taken?

jeezanton, poothurai[20-2-2013:15.41.3(IST)]

Antony, thoothoor[19-2-2013:22.52.19(IST)]
Good to see this message that chose the new office bearers and i congratz for people come forward to solve the problem and finally you did it. I just want to tell something that Office bearers should ensure that all players are following nlt rules strictly. otherwise it will create bad examples and consequence.

Anil, Chennai[19-2-2013:23.21.58(IST)]
Congratulations .....

As sources say, Our NLT management has withdrawn the case against NLT attackers. We welcome the decision taken by NLT executives.

In the earlier Delegate Message, NLT president Mr. Maria Vijayan said that police have assured for strict action in this matter. He also mentioned that NLT will follow up on this matter until we get the right justice.

I would like to raise a concern to the NLT executives to publish the clear picture about the reason for this attack and the accuser’s details as per the NLT publication policies.

wellwisher, Chennai[19-2-2013:21.2.33(IST)]
Very nice to see this message

VP, Thoothoor[18-2-2013:12.41.50(IST)]
Its nice to see youngsters as coach with the experienced foodballers.

And Wellwishes to the newly elected members they have worked long before with the true spirits. But its shows the non availablity of the young people to lead. This team will identify youngsters who can lead after them.

And also we expected that this couching team will sellect a good team which have no hates, no ignorence and with the young bloods available in village to play future Thoothoor team to get more trophies.

Here we can raise a question, How new players introduced by the tournament for last 5/10 years. Atleast 5/10. Then also not enough. we have more guys without experience. This is the only event we can motivate the young guys.

Pls correct the typo : Februvary into February

Friends, Chennai[17-2-2013:23.16.11(IST)]
Very nice to see this meeting and congratulation for all the selectors

Greeters, UAE[17-2-2013:19.48.49(IST)]
Congratulations ..... we bleed for football. We spirited footballers made everything. .... Love you Thoothoorian...