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A Perspective on "Global Trends and its Implication in our lives"

The world is changing and the opportunities are evolving. This article talks about the implications to our coastal people's lives and future with respect to the changing global trends. This is written by Mr. Johnson RF from Vallavilai and was originally published in website (link). Mr. Prabin from Vallavilai took the initiate of getting this article co-published in We thank team and Mr. Johnson RF for the cooperation in this and Mr. Prabin for the effort.
The author of this article, Mr. Johnson who is residing in Canada since 1985, is a Public Policy person and a proponent of achieving results in cooperation with similar development and charitable organizations.

We all have the responsibility to provide prospective environment for our growing generation based on the changing trend. Let this article stimulate us to think on this topic and share opinion on what are the priorities in front of us and its importance.

A Perspective on "Global Trends and its Implication in our lives"

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A visionary article and useful. gud job.

Another Johnson[31-10-2011:11.46.33(IST)]
Truly appreciate the effort. We have more people to give ideas and less people to execute. This proportion should change for the real changes to happen in our community.

Excellent article Mr.Johnson. I support Arulseelan and Dolphin view. Various group in our coastal villages must involve in activities to drive people to the next era of world. Diverting our students into different sectors is a mission we should work for. To make this happen, we should create awareness among students and parents.

Johnson RF, Canada[23-10-2011:9.47.57(IST)]
Kishore Antrias, Kottilpadu wrote an action-based article and posted at the site. Another gentleman from Chinnathurai responded saying “to accomplish this noble task more successfully and fruitfully, can come forward … with and other volunteer organizations such as CPO, ENTHURAI; etc.” I would like to echo the same sentiment expressed there. Some of my young friends from Vallavilai asked me to give them some ideas they can implement, I tell them I will help you fish rather than giving a fish.

My humble request, to you my young friends, is this: through your thinking and actions, you should set yourself apart from our previous generations, meaning THINK AND ACT BEYOND SURVIVAL NEEDS while resolving differences peacefully, and it must be YOUTH DRIVEN INITIATIVE to achieve the next best results in your life-time: EMPLOYMENT AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.

Your generation is so vibrant. You have the skills and exposure to new technology and resources equal to ‘three or four of your previous generations combined,’ I dare to say. Connect with other youth leaders from Colachal, Muttom and Manakudy etc to name a few villages. Collaborate with other youth organizations to come up better action plans and resources mobilization. Compete with other coastal villages to find synergies and common grounds needed to achieve what you cannot achieve in one village alone. So, go ahead, Connect, Collaborate and Compete. Show that you have not only the youthful energy, rather the determination to achieve the results you want to accomplish in your life-time.

Maria, Thoothoor[21-10-2011:20.42.15(IST)]
This is really a broad thinking about our society and the younger generation from our society. As Mr.Johnson requested , Everyone should be aware of our societies future status for the next couple of years and should be play a role to our younger generation’s life. This article greatly impact as a massive motivation to our younger generation and they can easily understand “where we are”. Very informative and exceptionally precise scaled article. Thank you so much Mr.Johnson Anna.

“Within a brief period of uncertainty (about five to ten years), China will emerge as the world’s dominant economic power. When this happens, the European Union and USA will support India as a counter balance to China’s dominance. This will create opportunities for rapid economic development in India.”

I guess that even in the above situation not happen,
India will create opportunities for rapid economic development in India with out the support from the European Union and USA. This is because of our GDP growth rate and has been predicted third largest economic country (after china and US) for the next ten years.

So, whatever it may be case, our younger generation should be ready with their education and industry. Thanks again Mr.Johnson.

At present our people not have awareness on job opportunities other than software industry. Most of our students going to software alone will be a danger. Infrastructure, medical, finance, etc are evergreen opportunities but our only very few from our area currently in that field. So we have to create immediate awareness.

Jude, coast[20-10-2011:21.38.31(IST)]
This article is good vision from a long term horizon. Make our people aware of changes and implication is good things. Congrats for doing this.

Arulseelan.B, Thoothoor[20-10-2011:18.58.54(IST)]
Thanks Mr.Johnson RF, Very happy to see such Nice approach for make aware of 'Global Trends and its Implication in our lives'
We have so many of youth organizations like Libraries, Sports Clubs and some other Youth Movements in most our costal villages. So no need to make a new group, lets starts with that group of peoples and Interact with them and do seminars for more participation from our the villageres. I am very much interested and I am ready take part of such activities.

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