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Article - Analysis on +2 2011 Result in Pius XI HSS

Mr. P. Espin from Chinnathurai is the author of this article.

In this article Espin analyses the HSC (+2) result in our Pius XI HSS and in other region. His analysis clearly shows that the result in our school is comparitively very low. Espin concludes his analysis with a call to our people for joining together to motivate, encourage and support the school and its administration. Espin, a society visionary, works in Re. Maldives.

Analysis on +2 2011 Result in Pius XI HSS

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GUNAVATHI., NAGAPATTINAM[3-5-2012:17.53.43(IST)]
A golden jubilee school getting only 70% victory is shame

jijo, chinnathurai[24-9-2011:13.30.36(IST)]
hi i m jijo i like school

Edwin Jerome[25-8-2011:18.40.51(IST)]
Dear Maria
It is true there was a police case registered on 19th of this month at Nitravilai P.S.
Because of love issue or eve teasing or personal issue among two families the truth I do not know. A student of the school was attacked by a group, which was led by a students brother may be from the college attacked a student relative or brother of the girl.
I hope all of you might have confused. The fact is something like that.
The school has suspended the student for 15 days.

Maria, Thoothoor[24-8-2011:22.3.54(IST)]
Dear Edwin Jerome, Shall we investigate this (As Joffin's comment) issue?.Suppose if it happened,To whom we escalate this issue? What is your suggestion abt this?

joffin, Thoothoor[24-8-2011:19.37.47(IST)]
eannathe school vachu nadathutharu schoolluka ulla yanku pathalum fight & love yaru padichutha konja nalluka munna -rajesh +2 eda group studenta konja pasanka schoolluka ulla vanthu adichitu ponaru athuku yathavathu action schoollenu yaduthara ithellam oru schoollu ithuku oru HM ponka da poi vealaiya parunka

I agree wid nishanth.The main thing needed for any learning process is 'Motivation'.We could see tis motivation is highly lagging in our students.Many Megaminds were created by our school.Only those who are motivated were succeeded.They(below average students) are not receiving such level of motivation from their parents and teachers.Since the Motivation is lagging from them, we,the alumnus ve to do something abt it(improving the motivation level of d students).

Nishanth, Thoothoor[21-6-2011:13.2.16(IST)]
we are not to blame school management and teachers completely... Because lot of great talents we could see here are from the same school and of course been taught almost by the same set of Teachers...I agree that our education system is not that good..But still v could contribute lot and lot of great talents from the same 65 years old school... Thats really a big concern that how we are getting that 30% of students who couldnt make it to the next level..The most prior reason for that could be parents...Their ignorance about their own child...So if we are planning for any further proceedings in order to fix this issue, first should be awareness programme among the parents...Second is the most and of course the worst concern about our kids...During our school days v could hardly see anyone using mobile phones..But now the scenario is exact opposite(everybody sould have aware of what i'm trying to convey here)...V should take tis as a big concern and look for appropriate solution for the same...V all know the importance of the school education wel..The real developement arises when there is a proper awareness about the importance of education..

jenigoldwin, thoothoor[14-6-2011:20.53.4(IST)]
ennoda oora patri naan perumayaa chollurennu ninaikaatheenka enka oor website open panni paditha anaithu nalla ullankalukkum nantri.

Xaviour, Bangalore[29-5-2011:22.5.19(IST)]
Dear Medavakkom Thoothoorians,

Reference: It would be great if you sent this report into school management (if you want the contact details 'MAIL ID' / 'CONTACT NO' pls write it for us over here) with cc of (THOOTHOOR.COM ADMIN).

Please send those contact details to the admin email-id, which we will forward to the article author. thanks.

Thoothoorians, Medavakkam,Chennai [29-5-2011:21.23.34(IST)]
'Info to all delegators.
Guys from medavakkam thoothoor room frequently used the name 'THOOTHOORIAN' with the place 'Medavakkam,Chennai ' and we are responsible for all such named comments.

Onbehalf of Mr Esin we would like to response 'Antony Alckias, South Africa ' comments:

We are not completely agree , everyone become a good human being because of they were studied in this school.You shouldn't response as a priest for responding this comments.we advise you that make a response while u considered as a normal person. By we have on one question for u. WHO IS RESONSIBLE FOR THE 30% FAILED STUDENTS? DO U THINK THAT ALL FAILED STUDENTS WOULD BECAME A GOOD HUMAN BEING?????

Antony Alckias, South Africa[28-5-2011:20.5.13(IST)]
it is nice to see different views on the analysis of Mr.P.Espin. i have a question here is our school trying to get just punch of educated guys moving around and go for higher studies and then spend all their time looking for jobs. or is it really making human beings beyond the clutches of slavery of ignorance and help them self reliant once they are out in the world. or is it trying to make real citizens who respect his/her people, his/her worth as human being and thus to respect each other and care for each other. IN my point of view as long we look for name and fame for individuals of this school there is something lacking in our education. let us think it over. well done teachers who helped most of us even though we were poor st studies, to be human and we appreciate.

Nothing to get shame on it. This result is only for the brain from our rural area students. They don’t having exam oriented tuition from 5am and till 9pm.
Administrators and teachers can put some more effort to do better. We people most of the time cooperate for fight against zero worth, but not for these kind of developments.

Thoothoorian's, Medavakkam (Room), Chennai[27-5-2011:13.51.37(IST)]
Dear Espin,
Your performance analysis made great impact for us. Fredy clearly described the article comments and we are in-line with the same thoughts.We are request you to do one more analysis in SSLC performance and publish it over here.

It would be great if you sent this report into school management (if you want the contact details 'MAIL ID' / 'CONTACT NO' pls write it for us over here) with cc of (THOOTHOOR.COM ADMIN).

This poor result is profoundly disappointing. We will leave this result to the sincerity and courtesy of the people who are responsible for this. What was the effort from the correspondent priest in improving the result? What was the effort from the headmaster? Let them ask this question themselves and act on it. No one owes blame for it, we need to move on.

People are watching is a good start, and let this provoke the concerned people towards a new beginning. Heartily wishes.

Fantastic article by Mr. Espin. I remember he had mentioned about the same approach of doing a research on the same few months back in blog and he had kept his promise. Honorable Salute to you for the nice work. Work of this sort will align us to be in right track and would make a reform at needed level. Even if we cannot make change overnight, it will definitely make right awareness and a gradual change. Good work.

Justin Antony[21-5-2011:12.48.45(IST)]
Let us have a meeting with the school authorities in Dec. 2011. Shall we unitedly stand together?

John .J, E.P.Thurai[18-5-2011:17.40.43(IST)]
very nice article with fantastic research towards finding out the reasons for non performance of the school, most of the of the points u mentioned are exactly right. The school management must go through a self realization, and must take a corrective and responsible action immediately. Dear Espin sir, my hearty wishes for having such a broad minded vision for our society, keep it up......

Robin K., Eraviputhenthurai[18-5-2011:13.7.38(IST)]
Good to have an analysis like this. Thanks to Espin for your good effort. And humble suggestion to the school management : Try to learn from mistakes and correct it in a proper way.

Very good performance study of the school. Send it to school managing team.

A golden jubilee school getting only 70% victory is shame.

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