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Mr. Christopher Antony from Vallavilai to receive Respected Sujatha Awards 2016
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Added @ 01-05-2016@12.17.13(IST)
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Thuraivan novel, written by Mr. Christopher Antony from Vallavilai, is selected for the 'Sujatha Novel Award'. Uyirmai Sujatha Trust announced the Sujatha Award 2016 recently and the Award distribution ceremony will be on 3rd May 2016 in Chennai.
Sujatha Novel Award 2016
Thuraivan is a fictional novel which speaks about the different fishing techniques, challenges in fishing, ethnography and the history of Mukkuva people - one of the largest ethnic group in India. Writer Jeyamohan, Fr. Pankiras and Mr. Joe D'Cruz have written forwards for Thuraivan. Visit URL-1 for the Sujatha Award 2016 details, and URL-2 is previous message published in about Thuraivan novel.

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Congratulations Sir for the prestigious award and also for your immense contribution to pen down a historic account of our land and its people.
Thuraivan is a novel which I consider as a must read for each and every member of our community as it narrates the history of mukkuva community which are rarely depicted in mainstream literature. The narrative is so lucid that even a sixth grader could easily understand the nuances of the book. Having said that I would like to suggest, how and why encouraging the school students to read this book could go a long way in enhancing the effectiveness of their overall learning process.
Attention, as we know, is the most fundamental attribute to achieve excellence. Without which any amount of hardwork will yield suboptimal results. Being from a disadvantaged background most of our children suffers from attention deficit which i think is the reason for their below par academic performance. Attention according to psychological experts could be enhanced by two methods. 1. Meditation 2. Book reading. Since meditation is considered as anathema to our relgious belief, the only tool available to our kids to improve attention is book reading. Hence the attention and mental alertness of our kids can be enhanced by encouraging them to read good books.
Topics which are closer to our heart generates more interest. The habit of reading is rapidly disappearing from our children. The reason being that the subject that they read/study in schools are alien to them. Histories of wars, Geographical significance of Northern India, Poems praising the Gods of other religions rarely generate interest in them. Hence reading, instead of developing as a habit becomes a duty. Duty to study the subjects inorder to get marks. Hence if they are encouraged to read novels of this kind which are closer to their heart, they develop interest not only in this particular subject(native history) but also in reading in general.
Another significant feature of this novel is that it describes some events and process which are so mainstream in our daily life which we failed to notice. Reading this novel would usher in the habit of keenly absorbing the events that are happening around them. Absorbing and questioning the happenings around them would sow the seeds of future critical thinkers in them. Moreover encouraging this habit of reading is the only way we could save the precious childhood of our future generations from the adverse impacts of technology(mobile games, social media etc).
Thuraivan, I think could be a starter to inculcate the habit of reading thereby improving the mental alertness and power of reasoning of our kids. Its a novel which deserves to be kept in our school library. And I wish our respected HM takes special interest to encourage the students to read this historic novel. I also wish more novels of such genre to get released in near future.

Don Vargheese, Port Louis[04-05-2016@15.58.14(IST)]
Congrats Mr.Christopher Antony....


Antony, thoothoor[02-05-2016@06.50.02(IST)]
congrats C.Antony to recive this pretigeus award for your novel thuraivan


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