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KFDS to honour one best performing teacher from Pius XI HSS Thoothoor every year Back
- Sherrin
Added @ 29-12-2014:21.17.47(IST)
[Archive: 2014] 
KFDS (Kaniyam Fishermen Development Society) annual meeting was held at the residence of Mr. Edwin Kumar on 25th Dec 2014. As an important initiate, it is decided to honour one best performing teacher from Pius XI HSS Thoothoor every year with a trophy and cash award of Rs 25000/-. Please read the detailed meeting report in the URL-1 below.

URL-1: .....
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Robin. S, Thoothoor[21-1-2015:11.7.27(IST)]
Fantastic initiative for our society in education development. Hope that our neighbours too follow the same for our society development.
Fisherman development not only based on educational development, but fishing/fisherman/etc.,. Let us think over the development/safety & security/insurance policies, etc.for them. At least we have to give awareness program to them of what are the facilities government announced for fisherman, and what is their further requirements apart from government's support. Let us go along with them as they are the base for all educated people from our society.

Dr.A.Sajeen, Thoothoor[20-1-2015:22.34.59(IST)]
Hail, KFDS! for its initiative in presenting the BEST TEACHER award.

Dr.A.Sajeen, Thoothoor[20-1-2015:22.28.39(IST)]
Nice to read the minds of the well wishers who have expressed their opinions pertaining to the BEST TEACHER award.Hail, Well Wishers! Hail, Mr.Espin!Hail,Mr.Dolphin!. Let us try to amalgamate all valuable suggestions so as to arrive at a conclusion.

P.Espin, Chinnathurai, Re.Maldives[19-1-2015:9.42.44(IST)]
Road map of Best Teacher Award, my proposal is attached below:

Well Wisher[10-1-2015:9.40.53(IST)]
Adding few more selection criteria suggested by Mr.P.Espin, Re.Maldives [9-7-2014:13.39.39(IST)] [ Reference link ]

Really I appreciate our community concerned well- wishers who commented regarding the BEST TEACHER AWARD. From my own perception, the main objective of this award to identify, admire and recognize the competent, efficient and effective teachers from our school in order to serve a quality education for our community. In this view, my personal suggestion for selecting the best teacher every year in the following steps:
1.School Headmaster has to take teachers’ appraisal or internal teachers assessment on the performance of each individual teacher before the end of the academic year.
2.From the basis of appraisal; the headmaster and school manager/correspondent can propose the names of three best teachers to the awarding committee.
3.The best teacher awarding committee(BTAC) from outside the school consists of five members(retired teachers or headmasters, alumni association head and academic expert from our community) can reasses or re-evaluate the appraisal of those three proposed teachers only.
4.Finally BTAC can select only one teacher for the award in consultation with school headmaster, correspondent/manager and ITPET executives for declaring the award winner by ITPET.
Here the success of this noble mission; the school headmaster, correspondent, BTAC and ITPET executives can be cooperative and work together without any kind of partiality and favourism.

The above point from Mr.VP is very technical, and must be considered. There are situations where an average teacher's subject score 100% and the real best performing teacher's subject score less than 100% in the overall tally. So the overall tally can be a factor in the selection criteria but should be inclusive with other realistic measurements.

I propose the following items in the selection criteria (Total 100 points, and the candidate who scores higher can be awarded).
* The public exam performance (20 points)
* Students voting prior to the public examination (20 points)
* School teaching Staff's Vote (15 points)
* Performance consistency - to analyse past 3 years performance (10 points)
* HM's Vote (5 points)
* Correspondent's Vote (5 points)
* Public online poll in (5 points)
* KFDS's private selection committee decision (20 points)

The total points scored by every candidates should be made public. Let us be transparent with the performance as the goal is to achieve superior teaching in our school.

VP, Thoothoor[9-1-2015:19.24.5(IST)]
It very nice initiative and I appriciate the initiates.

Justin suggest 100% for first preference. Its looking like every one running behind the Marks. Dedicated teachers done everything. But Marks scored by the student. Please think.

Justin Antony[3-1-2015:3.41.25(IST)]
Congrats KFDS for this good initiative. My humble suggestion. Please select 2 teachers ( 1 from HSC and 1 from SSLC). The first and foremost condition shall be 100 % result in the subject he/she handles, besides his/her act with utmost decorum.

Great Initiative. Well-done KFDS...

Fantastic idea. This will help to form performance measurement strategy.


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