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Awardee's list for ITPET Awards '2014 Back
- Maria Jin L
Added @ 2-7-2014:23.22.10(IST)
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ITPET (IT Professionals and Engineers of Thoothoor) is giving awards to academic achievers during St. Thomas feast mass every year. The list of shortlisted awardee's for ITPET Awards '2014 are given below.
ITPET Awards '2014
Award TitleAward WinnerParentsMarkDept/InstituteNative
HSC 1st-Thoothoor LevelGeo Frank Mr.Sahayathurai & Mrs Kanista999/1200Computer Science, Pius XI HSSThoothoor
HSC 2nd-Thoothoor LevelJ MiniMr.Joseph & Mrs.Agnes Mary967/1200Pius XI HSSThoothoor
SSLC 1st-Thoothoor LevelFilin NayakMr.Pushpanayak & Mrs.Leema Rani478/500Pius XI HSSThoothoor
SSLC 2nd-Thoothoor LevelManasaMr.Soosai Antony & Mrs.Tharsila469/500Pius XI HSSThoothoor
SSLC 2nd-Thoothoor LevelGobika V koriaMr.George kutty & Mrs.Jeyanthi469/500Pius XI HSSThoothoor
HSC 1st-Forane LevelJohn Agana XaviourMr.Xaviour & Mrs.Sheeja1152/1200Maths,Alphonsa Matriculation HSS NagercoilPoothurai
SSLC 1st-Forane LevelAngelo Blaze Dr.A.Sajeen & Mrs.Leelabai489/500Christuraja Matriculation School , MarthandamThoothoor
PhDDr.DomettilaMr.Cosman ( Late) & Mrs.Rosary-BotanyThoothoor

ITPET is giving these awards since 2006. All IT Professionals and Engineers from Thoothoor are part of ITPET. If you are an IT professional from Thoothoor but not part of ITPET yet, please send an email [Id :] to join with it. To know more about ITPET, please visit the 'ITPET Page' at URL 1.

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P.Espin, Re.Maldives[9-7-2014:13.39.39(IST)]
Really I appreciate our community concerned well- wishers who commented regarding the BEST TEACHER AWARD. From my own perception, the main objective of this award to identify, admire and recognize the competent, efficient and effective teachers from our school in order to serve a quality education for our community. In this view, my personal suggestion for selecting the best teacher every year in the following steps:
1.School Headmaster has to take teachers’ appraisal or internal teachers assessment on the performance of each individual teacher before the end of the academic year.
2.From the basis of appraisal; the headmaster and school manager/correspondent can propose the names of three best teachers to the awarding committee.
3.The best teacher awarding committee(BTAC) from outside the school consists of five members(retired teachers or headmasters, alumni association head and academic expert from our community) can reasses or re-evaluate the appraisal of those three proposed teachers only.
4.Finally BTAC can select only one teacher for the award in consultation with school headmaster, correspondent/manager and ITPET executives for declaring the award winner by ITPET.
Here the success of this noble mission; the school headmaster, correspondent, BTAC and ITPET executives can be cooperative and work together without any kind of partiality and favourism.

ITPET Member[8-7-2014:23.52.34(IST)]
Agree Mr.Espin's instrumental suggestion. The Distinguished BEST TEACHER AWARD is intended to recognize individual faculty for sustained performance of excellence in teaching. Above and beyond an individual exemplary class, this kind of sustained excellence in teaching incites intellectual curiosity in students, inspires departmental colleagues, and makes students aware of significant relationships between the academy and the world at large.

Mr.Gennex thought is a valid one but the implementation perspective it is beyond the scope.

Christin B[8-7-2014:17.5.2(IST)]
Best will organization one aluminum association meeting with All School Teacher, School Management and Correspondent on December or April (Christmas or Easter), that time will motivate all teachers and form one committee for select a good teacher on every classroom wise(STD VI,VII,VIII,IX,X,XI,XII).

Sir, Yes this way of motivating the teachers would definitely bring about an improvement in the student's performance.I would add up another radical yet a doable solution to enhance the performance.
The committee formation to choose the Best teacher enabled me to suggest this(yes,this is going to be a very sensitive issue which is plaguing us). Sir,in addition to this post-mortem incentive technique why dont we relook the issue of entry of faculty. Why dont we have a board/committee of members who are non partisan, men of high integrity and those who really care for the education per se, to deal with the matter of teacher recruitment.(again I reiterate that its a highly sensitive issue which I am not suposed to talk about).
Why shouldn't the 'system of merit' be brought in?
The existing system is flawed as it compromises the efficiency. My proposition is not to suggest that teachers appointed by the present medieval system of favouritism and nepotism is lagging in efficiency rather if a merit based system is introduced we could further enhance the performance of students.
The current system care for the 'livelihood' of a single individual. When teaching proffession's objective becomes 'job' rather than 'service' the very purpose is defeated(utopian ideal though).
I conclude, we need to start a debate on this issue.Yes it would invite a lot of critics thats why I term it as 'radical'.If not in the short term it would accrue huge benefit in the long term.

Dr.A.Sajeen, Thoothoor[8-7-2014:0.3.23(IST)]
I go in line with what has been commented upon by Mr. Espin regarding the selection of a model teacher from Pius XI HSS Thoothoor every year.There will be bitter competitions among the teachers to bag this award.No wonder, this will pave the way for a better result.Hope,a reputed organisation like ITPET will take this initiative for the betterment of the school community.It is also advisable to constitute a committee in this regard.This committee may please be vested with the responsibility of choosing the best teacher and it is expected to consider the following criteria before the selection.
-A model teacher should be sincere, punctual and dedicated.
-He or she may take efforts to improve the achievements of the students.
- should be in a position to predict the future test score of the student on the basis of his past test score.
-should not read the text while teaching. A thorough preparation is required.
-should have a record of good class room performance.
-he shall allow the students to express their views regarding the subjects taught.
-subject knowledge of the teacher may be tested.
-while teaching, the teacher is not expected to sit on chair.
-to improve the quality of the students, the model teacher may conduct periodical tests and evaluate.
-Extra care shall be taken on both weak and strong students separately.
-Must ensure that the corridors are not meant for loitering and unnecessary talk among the teachers.
-Teacher's certification, years of experience, highest degree earned, teaching practices, instructional materials may be taken in to account.
-shall record the student's past performance, socio-economic status and teach accordingly.
-a model teacher may use a decent language at least in the presence of the students.
-To ensure that his name is in the good book of the head of the institution, the management,fellow teachers, parents and students.

Dr.A.Sajeen, Thoothoor[7-7-2014:20.2.46(IST)]
Special Congratulations to all distinguished members of ITPET for their strenuous efforts in taking the list of various award winners accurately and publishing it in time. Further, I appreciate them for this great venture.

P.Espin, Re.Maldives[6-7-2014:12.1.22(IST)]
Hearty congratulations to all the award winners and special thanks to the members of ITPET who sincerely promote, support and encourage the quality education for our future generation. At this happy moment let me put a humble request that it could be better to give the BEST TEACHER AWARD for a teacher irrespective of the village from Pius xi HSS in the next time onwards. Moreover, it would be nice, if the photos of the award winners are displayed.

Congratulation to all award winner. Happy St Thomas feast to all.


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