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Babu Joris.
Bebinson (Bibies).
Belgian P Morais.
Bell Jimtus Mark.
Benedict Jalis.
Benher V JS.
Benher VID.
Benhur Benadict.
Berkmense F.
Berlin Anto.V.
Berny Filco.
Bertin Berkmanse.
Beslin G Borgia.
Bestibas Barnabas.
Bety Benadict.
Bibiana Darwin .
Bibin Raj Francis.
Bibin S R Paul Miranda.
Biju Alphonze.
Biju Raj M.
Biju Susa.
Bindhu Victory.
Binoy Lopez.
Binto Moraise.
Binu (Ibin). B.
Bismi Ewdard.
Bissy Jude.
Bistro Kaspar.
Bistro Lezly Franko.
Bobby (Bose P Bertil).
Bobin J Miranda.
Boffin Franklin.
Bosco Jerin Charles.
Brilli Anto (Keny).
Brolin C Thomas.
Bronsky D Mariana.
Bruslin Peter.
Byju Johnson.
[Total: 44] 

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