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Radheesh Nicholas.
Raegan Albarnas.
Rahul Jose.
Rahul Vijovin .
Rajan K.R.
Rajendran Thomas.
Rajendran TR.
Rajesh N.
Ramesh Alfen R.
Ramesh Dackson.
Ratheesh Oueseph.
Ratheesh R.
Reegan Lazer Mary.
Reenust Nicholas.
Refelan Jonse.
Rejin Alphonse.
Rene Claret A.
Renuga Shibu.
Resimon Snaby.
Resimon Snavy.
Resmala Johnson.
Resoni X Majesha.
Rexan Carlose.
Ricky Martin.
Rio Shyam s augustino.
Robert Exlin.
Robin Francis.
Robin S.
Rocky Janu M.
Romaxin Robert.
Ronald Jose D.
Ronald Sebastian.
Ronald V F Regan.
Rose Vernaly Antony.
Roshan J.
Ruban Bosco J.
Rufes D.G. (Tom).
Rufus Thoothoor.
Rupan Wilson.
[Total: 44] 

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